Adventures in Math at Universal’s Islands of Adventure™

Grade Levels: Middle

Dates Available: The Second Friday of Every Month*

*Additional Dates Available for Groups of 80 or More Students

Program Includes:

  • Admission to Islands of Adventure™
  • In Park Facilitators
  • Necessary Equipment Supplied
  • Team Workbooks Provided (Every 6 – 8 Students)
  • Use of Equipment During Program
  • Teacher Free for Every 10 Paying Students

Program Description:

Students will be split into pre-arranged teams that will travel around the park to selected rides, and gather data at each indicated point using the equipment provided. All of the information gathered will be recorded in the student workbooks, and be used to complete calculation, discussion, and essay questions when they return to school. Upon completion of the program, the group is free to explore the park at their leisure.